My artistic abilities have really shown through ever since I can remember. I was always doodling in my sketch pad as a young child and I continued that through my high school career. Art class was always my favorite because I was always able to showcase my potential. As some of you may know, I am heavily tattooed and that was my passion for a long time. When I realized that being a tattoo artist was no longer my desire, I started my karting career.  In early 2010, just a year after graduating high school, I painted my first helmet. It immediately sparked something in me and I knew that was the route I wanted to take with my life and career. Fast forward nearly 10 years and I have painted for some of the world’s best drivers from Indy car, to NASCAR, to NHRA, to sprint car, and everything in between. Each and every one of my customers have turned on a light bulb in me with their ideas of custom designs and it has truly broadened my abilities in the world of custom paint and design.

But, my abilities don’t just stop at custom helmets. My portfolio includes, and is not limited to: fully custom painted motorcycles, welding helmets, automotive and hot rod graphics, shoes, pin striping a little bit of everything, and any and all design concepts for various projects.